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Traits Of The MLM Entrepreneur
by Lois R. Thompson (c) 2001


When starting your home business, keep in mind that no two people are alike. However there are some shared personality traits that are common to those who have started and operate a success business.

One of the commonalities among successful business owners is that they have an entrepreneurial spirit. What are the traits of
an entrepreneur spirit?

Lets see what some of these traits in the MLM Entrepreneur are:

* Self-starter
* Self-motivated
* Creative
* Self-disciplined
* Self-reliance

The self-starter:

Self-starters are the type of people who do not sits around thinking about something, over and over again, and yet don't take any action to get it done. They decide on what needs to be done, and they simple Do It! The self-started is a Self-Motivate individual.

For example: You are in need of your own website, but income limits you from just hiring a web design company to make that site. As a self-starter, you would go to work gathering all the information pertinent to web design and development, develop and design your site. In the end you would have a website that You have developed.

One vital trait of a self-starter it to know their strengths and weaknesses and be able to accept them.


The self-motivated individual has a lot of motivation and drive. Because each person is a unique individual, one person's
motivations may be different from everyone else's.

For example, your motivation for starting you home business could be simply to earn $500 or $1,000 per month or $10,000 or $20,000 per month. Or it could be that you want to home school your kids, and that requires earning an income working from home. Your level of motivation to a large measure will be dependent up on your purpose and level of commitment. How big is Your dream?


The creative individual has a lots of good ideas. They are usually able to come up with good ideas and problem solving solutions. Many of their ideas are often the results of listening and observing other business.

They focus on finding solutions, rather than dwelling on the

For example, if you have a limited advertising budget, you would get to work finding all the available free advertising avenues opposed to mulling over and over how limited your budget is. This could result not only in exploding your advertising program, but with your creativity you would now have the knowledge from research, which you could pass on to your downline or package and sell. Thus, resolving the problem and creating an additional income.


The self-disciplined individual is one who does not need someone standing over or by them telling them what, how and when to do. They don't need anyone telling to get something done. They are able to determine what needs to be done, then set aside time to do it.

They do not easily become discouraged. They do not interpret mistakes as a sign of failure, but instead accepts that everyone makes them and use them as learning tools and move on.

Where a business may fail, and many do first time around, a self-disciplined individual does not a accept that THEY are a failure.
They simply learn from the mistakes and use them as a launching pad for success.

The Self-reliant:

The self-reliant is the independent person. This person does not mind making the necessary sacrifices where needed to learn what needs to be done, so that they can get on with the task at hand rather than depending on someone else to do it for them.

When they don't know something, it's natural and comfortable for them to seek, ask for and receiving advice. They recognize that no one can make it totally on their one has all knowledge. They normally have a strong support network of associates, family and friend who are able to give objective advice where needed.

The self-reliant, not always, but usually are willing to take "calculated risk". They use caution and carefully assess a situation first, before jumping in head first.

They are firm believers that their success is in their own hands. They believe they have or are can learn and develop the skills needed, and that with hard work they will be successful, opposed to believing in "fate". They focus on success instead of failure. They see the positive outcome opposed to challenges. They don't see the world as a place where they can get, but as a place where they can give...where they can make a contribution.

This is not to say that lacking any one of these traits means
you won't be successful. These are all traits that CAN be
learned and developed. Only you can decide if this is worth the effort... I believe it is!

As an entrepreneur in MLM you are adaptable. You'll find yourself wearing many different hats such as: marketer, promoter, public relations, motivator, sponsor, webmaster...and so forth. You are not afraid of chance and are opened and flexible to them.

Successful businesses are not built over night, but over time. As a MLM entrepreneur you are willing to go the extra mile, put forth the time and effort needed to build a successful business organization. You are willing to take on the challenges of becoming a leader.

To sum this all up, the traits of entrepreneurship are Positive! We might say it's the development to strong character traits.


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