Monday, December 06, 2021
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When New MLM'ers Take Action, All Their Fears Begin to Subside
By Jim Donovan


Congratulations! You've just become a distributor in a really great
company whose wonderful products will help people and provide you
with an opportunity to build your dream business. You have your
marketing brochures & tapes, a supply of products, support materials
and everything you need to begin your journey. You are ready.

You and your upline sponsor have set your goals and mapped out a
plan for you to follow. You've made your prospect list of the
people you know who may be interested in hearing about this
exciting opportunity. You're all set. Or so you thought, until the
time came for you to actually start making those first cold calls...

Then . . . the fears set in. You began to imagine all kinds of
negative responses to your enthusiastic pitch. Rather than risk
possible rejection and the associated pain, you decided to take
sometime to get better organized. After all, you rationalize, a
person needs to be well organized to succeed. So, off you go to
your local office supply store. You carefully shop for colored
file folders, labels, business cards & letterhead paper, pens,
new software (you'll need a good data base) and an endless supply
of other essentials. This can be a death rattle. Don't do it!

Forget, for now, all the back office things you could be doing.
They do not matter. What you need now are customers and prospective
recruits. In my talks about how to start a business, I explain a
simple three step process to succeeding:
Step 1. Get business cards.
Step 2. Get customers.
Step 3. All the rest.

The truth is it can be:
1. Get customers.
2. All the rest.

Nobody has ever gone broke due to a lack of office supplies but,
unfortunately, many have failed because they did not have enough

You must break through your fears and take action, now! Make some
calls. What is preventing you is the imagined fear of rejection.
I say imagined because, the truth is, you may not encounter the
rejection you fear.

Make the pain of not taking the action more than the pain of the
imagined rejection by listing everything you will lose out on if
you do not do this. Take a sheet of paper and list what you will
lose by not taking action, now. What will it cost you in dollars
and lost self esteem?

On the other side, list all the great feelings that will come from
your success. Then, decide to go for it!

If your stuck, try this exercise from my mentors Jack Canfield &
Mark V. Hansen who suggest chanting: Oh, what the heck. Go for it
anyway! You may feel silly but if it gets you past the fear it
will be worth it. Once you have begun taking action, your fears
will begin to subside. You will realize that hearing no will not
kill you. You will realize that if you keep asking, you will
begin hearing yes for all sales is simply a matter of asking
enough people.

The most successful people in network marketing often begun with
little more than a telephone, some index cards, a shoebox and a
burning desire to succeed. As a matter of fact, to this day many
high income earners in MLM still use a simple set of index cards
and a telephone. Once you are succeeding, you can always go and
buy those nice color coordinated file folders.

Jim Donovan is a keynote speaker who has spoken to hundreds of
business groups and is a member of the prestigious National
Speakers Association and is the author of the International
bestseller, "Handbook To A Happier Life". His new book, "This
Is Your Life, Not A Dress Rehearsal", just released, is already
receiving rave reviews ands is in its third printing. His articles,
book excerpts and a free subscription to his free e-mail newsletter
are available from Jim can be reached
at (215) 7943826 or E-mail to

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